Nowadays Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand cannot rely on Eskom to provide us with the electricity we need as it can disappear in the blink of an eye at any unexpected moment. Here at Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand, we offer the best solution for the biggest problem – NO POWER. Solar Energy has taken over as people want to, first of all, save hassles and save money, all while saving the planet, and we have been leading the charge for change for the last 17 years taking a stand one property at a time. Find out more about Eskom at this link:

So what do we have to offer?

Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand has solar power systems as well as solar geysers enabling you to carry on with your everyday lives as if nothing was a miss. We also offer solar panel installation so there is no stress for you to try and play with something you may know absolutely nothing about. Leave it to our professional teams to take it on.

Our solar systems are versatile

With our top-quality solar panel batteries, you can store massive amounts of energy absorbed to last you just short of a week with no electricity at all, ON JUST ONE CHARGE. How do we charge these batteries you ask?

Rooftop solar panels Bloubergstrand

Well, Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand  have options for you! If you are looking for a solar system for your house, or if you are taking a big step and turning your business into a solar company, we have got you covered. With two of the most popular options, Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand has to offer, you will find what you are looking for. There are 100-watt solar panels that are ideal for smaller areas or lower power outputs whilst our 300-watt solar panels are more ideal for larger areas and massive companies running at optimal power. If you are just looking for a recreational solar panel for your camping needs in your caravan or a tent, we also have flexible solar panels making it easy and convenient to use on the go. For more on flexible solar panels click on the following link:

Quality = Expensive is a misconception.

Yes, solar panel systems can become an expensive project and make you feel as if you are burning unnecessary money but here at Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand, we have your interests at heart so get nothing but the best prices from us where we will match or better any other legit quote given to you, with a free evaluation as well as 35% off your installation.

Rooftop solar panels Bloubergstrand

Our services don’t end there:

Rooftop Solar Panels Bloubergstrand has many teams on the road with a qualified handyman waiting to call on your worries. They specialize in geysers, plumbing, and leak detection.

Give us a call today so we can make your property shine in the dark.